Welcome to GEEK-play 2018

We are back at Dreamland and we are looking forward to filling the halls, concourse, cupboards and corridors with more games and play than ever!

Inspired by the fortieth anniversary of the Space Invaders we have gone space crazy. So don your helmet and join us for an out of this world adventure.

From Space Invaders to Star Trek Bridge Crew (VR) via hundreds of games and fun filled activities -its half term adventure, we invite you to come and Meet Make and Play.

The doors open at 10.00 am and close at 5.00 pm

Once in Dreamland all the games, talks, workshops and demonstrations are free. Some activities are drop in others you need to sign up for.

There are limited places available for some activities – you can collect timed tickets for these events at the sign up desk associated with that zone. A limited number of ‘lucky dip’ tickets will be held and allocated just before some events.

Selected drop in events –

  • GEEK Lab talks and workshops
  • Actual Reality Games
  • GEEK Arena – a hall with hundreds of games to play including new commissions from Genetic Moo, Minecraft and a selection of classic video game arcade cabinets
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl 10th Anniversary celebration
  • Bits & Bytes – meet the Robots #RobotInvasion – Sunday only

Selected timed ticket events –

  • Jedi Fight Academy
  • VR masterclass with Chu
  • Star Trek Bridge Crew
  • Replay Tournaments

Friday Focus

Alongside all the games and play the Friday talks and workshops are looking at the skills needed to become a successful game maker. We will have on hand experts from different parts of the game industry to answer your questions so come along and say Hi!

Selected drop in events –

  • Zombies, Run! Board Game
  • Motion Capture – Rokoko smart suit work shop and demonstration GEEK Lab
  • Women in Tech panel discussion

GEEK Lab – Zone 1 Highlights

Meet game makers, learn about their word, share your ideas, play with 3D printers and experiment with MakeyMakeys. GEEK Lab will have three full days of talks, workshops and demonstrations highlights include Cosplay armour workshop by LunaStar, a chance meet not one but three teams making Escape Rooms and an opportunity to take the Minecraft Challenge, have your own design 3D printed and learn more about how to turn your love of gaming into a successful career.

Talks and workshops vary each day and are subject to change. All times will be confirmed so you can plan your day.

Saturday Focus

Saturday is Cosplay day. As well as all the games, workshops, meeting, making and playing Margate goes Cosplay crazy on Saturday 17th February so dust off your jet pack and ray guns, and come and play.

Be warned we are expecting Storm Troopers so sign up to take a course at the Jedi Fight Academy ( every day ) or join Luna Star to learn how to build armour and props.

Alongside all the games and play the Saturday talks and workshops are looking at the skills used in design and Cosplay these include pattern cutting, prop making and prototyping.

Selected drop in events –

  • Zombie make-up workshop (and Sunday)
  • Cosplay – build it live demonstration (and Sunday)
  • Cosplay Masquerade
  • Mark Little – prototyping for Warhammer

GEEK Lab – Zone 1 Highlights

Cosplay takes over GEEK on Saturday!

To get you in the mood we are kicking off the day with a short introduction to Cosplay by the amazing Costume & Play team.



Sunday Focus

Sunday is all about family fun. Its time to tell stories meet playful robots and learn how to turn your bedroom into an escape room for your friends.

Last chance to train as a Jedi, put the final touches to the GEEK VR Galaxy, learn to build armour and don’t miss the Minecraft takeover.

Alongside all the games and play the Sunday talks and workshops are for all the family.

Sunday only (selected highights) –

  • Octopuses Garden (Under 5’s play zone)  is included in the GEEK ticket
  • Family Zine drop in workshop – story making
  • Under 10’s Tournament
  • Turn your bedroom into an escape room - workshop

GEEK Lab – Zone 1 Highlights

Play and have fun! It's your last chance to experiment with the GEEK lab!

Join our amazing team to learn some of the tricks of the trade so you can turn your bedroom into an Escape Room Puzzle game for your friends to play.

Whats an escape room? You and your friends have to find the clues, crack the codes and solve the puzzles. The clock is ticking – will you escape?

Special tournament play for Under 10’s, Story Sunday returns and don't forget about the Minecraft Takeover in the GEEK Arena!

All Three Days

Along with all the Play and Games we have these activities going on over the entire half-term weekend!

There are limited places available for some activities – you can collect timed tickets for these events at the sign up desk associated with that zone. A limited number of ‘lucky dip’ tickets will be held and allocated just before some events

Pre-Flight Hangar – Zone 2 Highlights

Hone your skills in our Pre Flight Hangar

Prepare for the GEEK Arena by visiting this zone.

Learn to work as a team, work up your fancy footwork and develop skills of cooperation and collaboration. And if it doubt join Daisy and build yourself a cardboard helmet. Who knows what battles you may fight in the GEEK Arena.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Gather a team of four people – sign up for a timed ticket (limited numbers available each day) and prepare to take over the Starship Enterprise. Teams should have four crew members. Each session will be 40 minutes. 10 minutes training, 30 minutes game play.

VR headsets are not recommended for under 12’s therefore all players must be over 12.

This is a timed ticket event – tickets available Pre-Flight ticket booth. All timed tickets at GEEK are Free.

Space on Earth

Space on Earth is co-operative space simulator, where two players put on giant spacesuit gloves and try a series of challenges together. Tying a knot becomes agonisingly difficult unless you find a way to work together!

Part of Matheson Marcault’s Scientific Village Fete, designed by Saffron Parker.

Pop Up Space

Friday only – Motion Capture – digital character and movement demonstration. Shaun PrickImage is looking for Unity built characters to work with in this demonstration. Please get in touch if you have a character you would like to see bought to life.


Robots of the world! The power of man has fallen! A new world has arisen: the Rule of the Robots! March!

Inspired by R. U. R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) by KAREL CAPEK. Enacted by a PS2 and some cardboard. Developed in partnership with Artist Alfonso Buendia

Head to head battle – punch , kick and jump. Play man or robot – its your call.

If it will help you to win join Daisy at the craft table to customize your helmet. And rumour has it that there will be Star Troopers around – do challenge one to join you in this 1-2-1 showdown.

Indie Zone – Zone 3 Highlights

We love Indie developers at GEEK

Showcasing new games, testing new ideas and giving a glimpse into games of the future. The GEEK Indie award is your chance to vote for your favourite game and give your feedback to the developers.

There will be Indie panels each day which will allow you to learn more about their approach to making games. Come along give your feedback, ask your questions and play test the games.

Reality Zone – Zone 4 Highlights

Where worlds collide

Join us in the Reality Zone. Where Actual Real Life meets Virtual Reality. Play larger than life classic digital games, work as a team to defuse the bomb in Keep Talking No one Explodes, try your hand at drawing in VR or take a masterclass in digital creativity with Tiltbrush expert Chu. Chu will work with visitors to GEEK to create a unique space inspired virtual world.

Actual Reality Games

For the first time we welcome to GEEK part of the Actual Reality Arcade. Come and play this life sized interactive game zone fun for all ages, inspired by classic arcade games. Interactive play and fun where you bring the games to life. Play your way from the actual world to a virtual world via Space Invaders, Tetris and Asteroids.

Come and build a Virtual Reality Galaxy with our Artist in Residence Chu

We are delighted to welcome  Chu to GEEK. We wanted a great Artist to demonstrate the Tiltbrush as a creative tool – he challenged us to broarden our horizons and build an immersive universe. Never let it be said we stepped away from creative innovation.

So we invite you to come and play with the titlbrush, visit the GEEK universe that Chu has created and sign up for a masterclass with Chu. You will enter the VR world and with Chu as your tutor you can help us build our Galaxy.

UK street artist Chu has continued to push back the boundaries of graffiti since he first began experimenting with aerosol paint & home computers in the late 1980’s. Chu describes his creations as gently reminding us of the everyday conflict between digital and analogue devices.

Masterclass with Chu – this is a timed ticket event – tickets available Concourse ticket booth. All timed tickets at GEEK are Free.

Keep talking and nobody explodes

Sign your team up for this playful challenge.

One player is trapped in a virtual room with a ticking time bomb they must defuse. The other players are the “Experts” who must give the instructions to defuse the bomb by deciphering the information found in the bomb defusal manual. But there’s a catch: the experts can’t see the bomb, so everyone will need to talk it out – fast!

Your team should be about 4-5 people.

1 person will wear VR headset. Note VR headsets are not suitable for under 12 so this is a family game you can all play. Under 12’s are the Experts who will help save the day.

A timed ticket event – tickets available Concourse ticket booth. All timed tickets at GEEK are Free.

If you sign up for a ticket which you later don’t want to use – please let one of the volunteers or staff know so your place can be given to others.

Boardwalk – Zone 5 Highlights

Great Games, Amazing Stories

We are delighted to be welcoming Asmodee UK to GEEK

UK leading distributors of board games – this is your chance to play the games you always wanted to play, discover new games and meet players and designers of new and hard to find games.

If you pick up a board game in a shop, there’s a pretty good chance that Esdevium (now Asmodee)  put it there.

The British-based outlet is generally considered to be far and away the biggest fish in the pond when it comes to distributing games from publishers in the UK – in no small part thanks to its ties with global mega-publisher Asmodee, which has owned the firm since 2010 and also counts major studios such as Fantasy Flight, Catan Studio, Days of Wonder, Z-Man, Space Cowboys, Ystari and Plaid Hat as part of its umbrella.

Come and meet the team and play the games they have bought along including their just launched new game – Blank.

Danger Cube and Zombies, Run!* board Game will also be available to play.

(*Friday only)

GEEK Arena – Zone 6 Highlights

Hundreds of games are bought together to mark forty years since Space Invader first launched

From Elite to Lega Star Wars Kerbal, Starbound, Starglider II, Apollo 18 mission to the Moon to the original Space Invaders to name but a few. Join us for three days of fun and games. Highlights include : a new game from Genetic Moo, Tournaments with great prizes, Cosplay Masquerade, the Halo Ring is back and Minecraft will take over half a satellite tower on Sunday.

Main Stage - Sign up to take a place in the Jedi Fight Academy.  We will supply light sabres – you need to bring courage and determination. Note classes last 30 minutes and are limited to 16 people. Ticket desk is beside main stage. A limited number of Lucky Dip tickets will be held for distribution at the start of the class.

Other Storm Trooper Challenges and photo ops will be available.

Super Smash Bros Brawl will be ten! Come and celebrate with us in our Dreamland feature. Gather your friends and come and play.

Recognise these games? Come and find them in the GEEK Arena to see if you are right.

The U.S. Air Force has used this game in its training.

The game being played by Ed, Shaun's best mate, in the "romzomcom" movie Shaun of the Dead

You can be a space narwhal wrapped in a burrito

Repeatedly punching and kicking the red doors will open up a secret room hiding a nod to developer Boneloaf's logo

Friday & Saturday

12 player Star Wars Battlefront

Saturday Only

Cosplay Masquerade 3.00 Main Stage. Sign up desk GEEK Arena – by stage

Sunday Only

Minecraft 24 player takeover

Puyo Puyo Tetris Tournament


hundreds of games including Space Invaders, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Jedi Fight Academy and somewhere to sit and have a rest!

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