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The fun and games are not confined to the Winter Gardens. Venues across Margate will be hosting events throughout the duration of the GEEK festival. This list will be added to as more details are confirmed between now and February.  Assume all are FREE to attend unless stated otherwise. Some events will have timed entry. More details soon.


If you are planning a fringe event get in touch so we can add you to the site.


The Van Dyck Vanishments


A secret society has sent out a call for intrepid people interested in taking part in an experimental procedure.


They’ve developed an incredible machine which is capable of sending people INSIDE works of art. They hope that the machine will someday make it possible for holiday-makers to vacation in fine art.


To test their machine they have acquired three famous self-portraits from the Turner Contemporary and now they just need a party – led by a junior research assistant – to make the maiden journey!


The van Dyck Vanishments is an exciting, interactive, immersive experience combining fine art, theatre and gaming. Running at a secret location from 20th to 22nd February 2015 as part of Marine Studio’s 2015 GEEK Festival.


Be a part of the GEEK festival.

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Marlowe Games


For the first time GEEK2015 will feature games made in Margate.


Students from the Marlowe Academy are going to be developing games which will be play tested at GEEK2015.


They are going to be supported in this exciting project by an amazing array of Indie Devs who are going to work with them to encourage them to be bold and creative.


This project has been made possible by sponsorship.


We would like to thank the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust without whom the project could not go ahead and Unity who are providing software, judging support and wonderful prizes.


The winning games will be announced at GEEK 2015.

To buy a ticket to the GEEK festival click here.


Blister Cinema


Blister Cinema is an interactive installation created by Genetic Moo which allows you to take part in the battle between bacteria and immune cells inside a human blister.


Seeking to devour your blood a horsefly rips through your skin leaving behind a trail of nasty bacteria. Your defence system springs into action - forming a blister and flooding the area with various bacteria eating cells.


Blister Cinema will simulate this inflammation through a series of simple video games. The games will use kinect sensors to put the audience right inside the action. The health of the host is at stake - will the infection take over or will the immune cells restore normality?


Blister Cinema is on throughout GEEK 2015 in the Panay Fashion building opposite Margate Clock Tower. Created by local artists Genetic Moo in collaboration with scientist Dr Neil Dufton Blister, Cinema is an Animate Projects commission and is funded by the Wellcome Trust.


There will be opportunities to learn about the science involved and how doctors study inflammation. You can talk to the artists about the project and about creative coding in general. You will be able to meet a huge horsefly and walk inside a 3D dome construction with interactive projections. Come along and play a collection of microbial micro-games.

Want to know more about Genetic Moo? Keep up to date with more information and any upcoming exhibitions on their website.



Artist Gudrun Haraldsdottir's site specific, participatory exhibition exploring group identity.

Come and make your mark - add to the image of Margate.


Help me make daily web based postcard from Margate for the duration of the project. The installation will be housed in the Visitor Information Centre adjacent to the Turner Contemporary.



Free entry to all.

Children welcome.


Opening time TBC.

Space Interrupted
Zoe Fudge, Sharon Haward & Rachel Wilberforce


20 February - 8 March 2015


Open Fri-Sun,  12-4pm
Private View: Thurs 19 February, 6-9pm


In Space Interrupted, three artists present projected video and installations that span LIMBO’s project space - a former electricity substation - interrupting and overlapping its utilitarian qualities to create an assemblage of real and imagined functions and meanings.


In the ‘interrupted’ space, a sense of cohesion and literal meaning is disrupted in favour of an unsteady mix of form and function, fixed and shadowy fragments.


Space Interrupted is part of an ongoing collaboration between artist Sharon Haward and curator Clare Sheppeard.


This is The Moon, That is the Earth (we are here, we are here)


Saturday 21st February


7.30pm, £10/£8 (CONC)


Matt and Matthew want to be astronauts. They want to take an audience into space with them. They’ve been trying their best, but someone keeps messing it up.


Honest and moving, Gameshow’s poignant new work is for you if you’ve ever wanted to be famous, tried, failed or wondered what it’d be like to be lost in space with your best friend.


Developed with support from Arts Council England Supported and developed by Ovalhouse, Camden People’s Theatre and The Yard





The Art of The Magic Lantern

Friday 20th February A Performance In three acts :


  • 6pm Margate Old Town Museum, Old Market Place, Margate CT9 1ER


  • 7pm Margate OddFellows Club, 14 Hawley Street, Margate CT9 1PU


  • 8pm Morgan’s Bar, 46 High Street, Margate, Kent CT9 1DS


The Art of the Magic Lantern comes to Margate for the grande finale of the first year of the project. You are invited to come and join us for workshops at Margate Museum and Turner Contemporary where you can dress in Victorian costumes and pose for slides that will feature in the epic final performance on 20th February. Additional workshop information available at


This finale story will be told in 3 parts in 3 different venues around Margate. Each part of the story can be enjoyed on its own, but if you fancy a holiday pub-crawl and watch all 3 parts then you will find they connect to tell a unique version of the history of Margate.


Socially Searching


Have you seen the GEEK hot air balloon over the Isle of Thanet? We’ve lost our balloon - but luckily it has a GPS tracker so we reckon you can find it for us. To win at our Socially Searching game, you’ll need to collaborate and build your social networks across international borders.


We’ve let loose a high altitude balloon. Eventually the balloon will burst and the parachute will be released, dropping the payload back down to Earth. The location of the balloon will be broadcast every ten minutes until 24 hours after the payload lands, or until the tracker is turned off. The location reports will stay visible on the competition web site for seven days after launch. Now we need a team to recover the payload from somewhere in Europe. Because it could land anywhere you’ll need to be agile and build a social network of friends until you find someone able to collect the payload at the landing site. The winner will be the social network team who collects the payload and returns it to GEEK. There will be nine additional runners up who will also have reached the landing site and collected a token.


To follow the GEEK balloon, parachute and payload as they rise into the air and move with the wind check out the GEEK website. You’ll also find out more about how to build your team and play along there. And for more information about all things weather balloon, check out Balloon News at

Additional information on how to sign up your team up and track our balloon coming soon.


Check back soon.

Mars One Extended

Performance / Live Art / Installation


Mars One Extended is a series of performances and workshops accompanied by a livestream. I am inspired by Mars One, a non-profit organisation that aims to create the first human settlement on Mars in 2024 funded by selling a Big Brother stream of the civilian crew. As being originally one of the 200.000 applicants, my artistic engagement in this controversial subject will involve me acting inside a monitored Martian capsule, a transparent, inflatable bubble, as the chosen Astronaut, exploring related topics.


I am supported as an UPstream commissioned artist by SHPLive, South Hill Park Media Arts Centre, Berkshire. My anticipated project launch will be during the GEEK festival at the CRATE Gallery in Margate.


Catharina Cronenberger Golebiowska


Don't forget to check out the Live Broadcast in the Main Hall.

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